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Dear Player and Parent (s),


Our fundraiser is called the "BIG TICKET 2015”.  This is the 14th anniversary of this successful fund raising event!  The following is an explanation of how it works.


Each registered player will receive two (2) books of ten (10) tickets each to sell.  The cost of each ticket is $10.00, which needs to be paid for at the time of purchase.  The information sheet, which accompanies this letter, explains how the raffle works.  You should carry the information sheet with you while you sell the tickets as a quick reference for questions you may have to answer from buyers.


For every book of tickets sold, we will only collect $80.00.  You earn $20.00 for each book you sell!  You can take the $20.00 dollars for yourself or put your own name on two (2) of the tickets in that book and increase your chances of winning!  All tickets must be completed and $80.00 turned in for each book sold.  You can sell as many books as you want and we still only collect $80.00 per book.  For example, if you sell two (2) books we would require twenty (20) completed stubs and $160.00.  It is the League's objective to help reimburse as much of the registration fee as possible to our families.


Additional books of tickets will be available to anyone who needs them.  Please contact your manager or the league at www.oxfordlittleleague.com. 


IMPORTANT:  All tickets sold or unsold, must be returned. 

Please return your tickets sold or unsold to you team manager by April 19th.  Remember, it is the involvement of both the player and parents which makes this event so successful for everyone involved in Oxford Little League.





Information Sheet


Once again, Oxford Little League is sponsoring the fundraiser everyone enjoys taking part in.  The success of the operational plans of the League revolves around this fund raising activity. That is why your involvement in “BIG TICKET 2015” means so much.


The “BIG TICKET 2015” is a ten (10) week drawing. Drawings start on Sunday, April 27th, and continue each of the following weekends for the next nine (9) weeks. Each weekly drawing consists of four prizes, as follows:

1st prize       $200.00

2nd prize     $100.00

3rd prize       $50.00

4th prize       $50.00


There will be a total of forty (40) prizes awarded!!!  Ten (10) winners of each of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prizes.  Since winners' tickets are re-entered for each drawing, each ticket purchased before opening day has forty (40) chances to win!!!

*          Drawings will take place at the Oxford Little League field house, North Oxford, MA.

            *          Winners do not need to be present at the game.  Prizes will be mailed.

            *          Winners will be re-entered for all drawings.




            1.         Complete your name and address on the ticket.

            2.         Keep the number portion of the ticket as your receipt.

            3.         Cost of each ticket is $10.00, cash or check.  Make checks payable to Oxford Little League.

            4.             Return all tickets (sold or unsold) to your team manager by April 7.

            5.             See if you are a winner at www.oxfordlittleleague.com. 







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